IN MEMORIAM | David U’Prichard, Ph.D.

On August 29, Vala lost our long-time Chairman, David U’Prichard, Ph.D. after a relentless 9-year battle with cancer.

In a statement, his family noted, “We are grateful that David lived a very full life, supported by deep friendships and vibrant collegial business and research relationships, as well as being mentor, supporter, and trustee of many ventures in the arts and sciences which he valued dearly.”

At Vala Sciences, David’s stewardship and mentorship since our very early days has left a lasting impact on the company and our people.  We are forever grateful for his steady leadership and vision.  We extend our deepest condolences to David’s family.

David’s professional career spanned academic research, senior R&D leadership at two global pharmaceutical companies, biotech company leadership, venture capital, and extensive experience on the boards of public and private US, UK and European companies.  He held the role of Chairman of the Board at Vala until February 2019.