About Vala

Vala Sciences develops and manufactures the Kinetic Image Cytometer (KIC®) and Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM) platforms that revolutionize the field of living single cell analysis for higher selectivity drug discovery and safer drug products. Vala’s toolset enables customers to discern with unprecedented accuracy novel targets and drug candidates that will have the highest probability of clinical success with the lowest probability of side effects.

KIC is a leap forward in cellular imaging, combining ultra-fast videography with high-throughput screening and analytics to see and measure the effects of a dosed therapeutic candidate in real time on each of hundreds to thousands of living cells simultaneously, to discern curative or detrimental effects with the highest sensitivity.

SIM combines the greatest resolution and speed (whereas all competitors sacrifice one for the other)  –  for even more disease-sensitive details – in a compact, easy-to-use and value-priced tool that virtually all scientists crave, and can now afford.

Vala’s tools provide drug developers a certainty of success never before possible.



Vala tools deliver unprecedented predictive power and value to academic researchers and pharmaceutical developers.

KIC ultra-fast videography and quantitative analysis of cell activity

  • “Sees” and quantifies single-cell kinetics of neurons firing & muscle cells contracting –  the most sensitive combined indicators of cellular health.
  • Captures and analyzes 10,000x more optical cellular data in real time:  collects up to 4 billion cell-health data points/day.
  • Predicts certain common drug side effects with 445x the accuracy of FDA-approved methods.
  • Matches prediction power of complex animal toxicity models  at 1% of the cost.

SIM confocal technology for rapid high content screening

  • Half the price of high throughput alternatives.
  • Eliminates fragile moving parts, complex alignment and setup.