Why Vala

Vala tools enable scientists to unlock the cellular secrets of disease by delivering unprecedented predictive power and value to academic researchers and pharmaceutical developers.  Benefits of the Vala platform include:

Drive Down Clinical Failures & Cost
KIC’s kinetic sensitivity and SIM’s confocal resolution yield new cellular-level insights into disease behaviors and subtle drug effects, allowing drug developers to optimize candidate drug choice, drive down cost of failure and increase probability of clinical and commercial success. By further leveraging (A) the emergence of patient stem cells for live-cell in vitro discovery and analysis and (B) today’s genome-altering techniques, Vala’s KIC® & SIM suite enables academic and industry scientists to identify and select the best new therapeutic targets and drug candidates, using cells from specified patient populations, more effectively than any other approach.

Accelerate Time To Clinic
Enable higher probability and faster drug discovery in difficult disease areas.  Vala’s KIC platform is an invaluable tool for understanding intransigent chronic disease mechanisms. For example, the company has contracted with a major pharmaceutical company to develop the most advanced human cell model of Alzheimer’s Disease. This program will yield a large set of new applications for Vala as it markets the KIC platform to brain disease researchers, greatly benefiting sales.

Avoid Post-Approval Commercial Failures & Liability
Optimized preclinical selection reduces risk and cost.  The KIC platform demonstrates more quickly and inexpensively, and with higher predictive power, ion channel toxicities that can show up after market approval. For example, in a large study, KIC predicted which drugs would cause sudden death arrhythmia in humans better than the best alternative preclinical screening tool. KIC also equaled the predictive power of complex animal toxicity studies, which cost 100x more. (J Pharmacol Toxicol Methods, 2016).