Purchasing Cyteseer

By purchasing a CyteSeer license you will unlock the ability to process images and data. Each CyteSeer license is automatically associated with a single computer workstation, enables all CyteSeer features and will install on any supported operating system. 

Orders by phone or fax

CyteSeer is Vala part number 4606. In addition to ordering online you can:

Call us at (888) 742-VALA

Fax us an order form to (858) 461-6868

Email us at

If you have any questions about this item you can also contact us through the website. CyteSeer licenses are delivered electronically.

All CyteSeer updates are free for 1 year from the date of purchase. CyteSeer licenses expire in one year, but automatically renew on an annual basis. A new paid license will allow upgrades to new versions of CyteSeer as they are released.

For customer service please email us at