Kinetic Image Cytometer (KIC®)

Vala’s flagship kinetic image cytometer (KIC®) with high-throughput automation and analytics is unmatched in visualizing and measuring subtle disease effects in individual cells.

KIC is a leap forward in cellular imaging, combining ultra-fast videography with high-throughput analytics that see and measure the effects of a dosed therapeutic candidate in real time on each of thousands of living cells simultaneously, to discern curative or detrimental effects with the highest sensitivity.

Kinetic image (video) cytometry, which by definition is carried out “real time”, refers to single-cell analyses of events such as action potentials or muscle contractions that are visually apparent, whereas “time lapse” image cytometry refers to single cell analyses of events such as cell migration that are not visually apparent without speeding up the recording. Video cytometry also incorporates the concept of “slow motion”, wherein recordings of events such as millisecond action potentials are played back more slowly to enable visualization.



Vala Sciences IC200-KIC® is a fully featured high-content screening system that is also capable of capturing high speed time-series images. The IC200 employs a combination of image-based autofocus and laser surface tracking to ensure every image is in optimum focus. With many objectives and well plates supported and its small footprint, the IC200 is our most versatile offering. The flexible modular design makes this system a great platform for customized solutions.  


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Technical Specifications:

Cameras Up to two 5.53MP Scientific CMOS cameras
Objectives Plan APO 4x NA 0.20 (1.63 µm/Pixel)
Plan APO 10x NA 0.45 (0.64 µm/Pixel)
Plan APO 20X NA 0.75 (0.32 µm/Pixel)
Plan APO 40X NA 0.95 (0.16 µm/Pixel)
Plan APO 60X NA 0.95 (0.11 µm/Pixel)
Autofocus - Surface Tracking plus Image Based
- Fault tolerant (error free) accurate autofocus on every field of view
- Performs autofocus in <0.5sec per field
Objective Positioner Proprietary, ultra fast, 100nm resolution positioner.
Stage - Encoded XY Stage with 100nm resolution.
- Eject functionality serves sample out of the instrument to ease robotic integration.
Well Plates Supported

Supports 1536, 384, 96, 48, 24, 12 and 6 well plates.
Ability to define custom formats.

Excitation Light Source Solid State Light Engine with up to 7 UV-Vis-IR lines with lifteime >15,000 hours.
Emission Filter Wheel 10-Position high-speed filter wheel
Standard Filter Sets - DAPI, FITC, TRITC, Cy5 and Cy7 standard
- Other filter sets available.
Dimensions 21" x 21" x 22" (53cm x 53cm x 56cm) WxDxH including light engine
Kinetic Image Cytometry (KIC)
Acquisition Frequency - Time-series acquisition at 0.1-100 full frames per second.
- Time-lapse acquisition for repeated sequence of an imaging protocol.
Stimulation Options - Electrical Stimulation: available with the automated electrode option.
- Optogenetics: Optical stimulation using any of the available excitation lines.
- Compound Addition: available with the liquid handling option.
Simultaneous Acquisition Dual camera option for capturing two channels at once.
Environmental Control - Temperature (30-40° C) and CO2 (5-10%) available.
- Hypoxia (5%, 10% or 15%) available.
Robotic Automation Complete robotic plate handling packages available.
Integration Available API for integration into existing platforms.