Vala Instruments


Vala tools enable scientists to unlock the cellular secrets of disease by delivering unprecedented predictive power and value to academic researchers and pharmaceutical developers.

Backed by decades of continuous research, development and market presence, the IC class instruments are the standard of excellence in speed and image quality in the High Content Screening market. Utilizing high power solid-state illumination, ultrafast image-based autofocus and the latest scientific grade cameras, IC class instruments provide solutions for the most challenging throughput requirements in a vast array of imaging applications.

The superior quality of the images acquired by our instruments starts with the simple and elegant design of our optical layout. Our optical designers craft the optical train of the IC systems with simplicity in mind, minimizing the number of components and only utilizing the best quality optics.  The results are images with superb signal to noise ratio with minimal aberrations. The increased light efficiency, the extremely bright solid-state illumination and the highly sensitive cameras greatly decrease exposure times and increase scan speeds.

At the heart of the imaging philosophy of an IC class instrument is its strive for optimum focus.  Backed by a rich patent portfolio and years of innovation and refinement, Vala’s image-based autofocus, supplemented by laser surface tracking, ensures that every field is acquired at the finest focus while not compromising scanning speeds. Images from the IC class instruments are the sharpest images available—always.

IC class instruments provide great flexibility. The instruments support a vast number of imaging well plates and produce images in a non-proprietary TIFF format that could be used with any downstream software. Other specialized file formats are also supported as optional outputs. A large array of excitation lines and emission filters are available that make virtually any fluorophore scannable on the IC class instruments. The IC class instruments support a variety of magnifications, including 4x, 10x, 20x and 40x.

Integration and Footprint
Be it on the bench-top or in an automation pod of a large robotics platform, the IC class system is at home. The small footprint and seamless mechanical and software integration makes the IC class instrument an excellent fit for both stand-alone and automated applications. Vala also provides a variety of complete robotic solutions for automated plate handling.