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Kinetic Image Cytometry

Published 14 December, 2010

Vala is excited to introduce our new Kinetic Image Cytometry Instrument. We call it the KIC for short.

This is an instrument designed for high throughput screening of stem cells cultured in 96-well dishes and optimized to characterize differentiating cardiac myocytes within the cultures.

The instrument navigates to each well, lowers electrodes into the well and stimulates the cells while recording a video rate series of images of the Fluo-4. The number, frequency, intensity and duration of the stimuli are programmable as are the fluorophores, wells and plates to be imaged.

After image data acquisition, Vala's cell image analysis software automatcally identifies each cell in the field of view and individually reports the calcium transients associated with each and every cell. The system marries electrophysiology inspired automated stimulation with live cell high-content screening technology.

The results is an instruments that generates relevant, rich, scalable datasets ideally suited for the mixed cell populations & sophisticated interactions of realistic biological models. We're getting great early response on the KIC and will be sure to post more here soon.