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Vala Awarded Best Poster at SBS

Published 15 June, 2009


We are excited to announce that Vala Sciences was awarded the Best Poster at the 2009 Society for Biomolecular Sciences conference!  We have been working extremely hard to make our software more user friendly in order to simplify quantitative microscopy and to fulfill the need of high content screening.  


What makes us SBS #1?

1. Cutting Edge Technology - with more than 15 years of academic research and industry experience, Vala is the true leader in quantitative microscopy.  The pain of slow, messy, and non-quantifiable cell biology presented problems for many scientists in the past.  The ability to obtain quick and easy measurements is a necessity.  We felt that pain ourselves as we made a promise to find a solution.  CyteSeer® is that solution.

2. In-house Scientific Research - Vala's biological applications lab continuously works with the software team to improve CyteSeer®.  Our in-house expertise for assay customization was built to fulfill the need of the scientific community.  At the same time, many image processing algorithm changes have been made to continuously improve the usability and precision of our software.

3. Passionate Minds Drive Science Forward - we care!  We have been there - thousands of images, tedious analysis, unbearable frustration - we too wished for a solution.  That is why our dedicated team is working tirelessly and passionately to drive science forward for ourselves as well as for the rest of the community - one plate as a time...