Vala Sciences is pleased to offer the following services in the area of Histology and Digital Pathology:


Embedding and Sectioning

Tissues processing and paraffin embedding is available.
Sectioning Paraffin or frozen sections.


Histological Stains

A wide variety of histological stains are available and range from routine hematoxylin & eosin staining (general tissue structure) to less common and custom stains. We specialize in adjusting many of the stains for the specific needs of a project.

Hematoxylin and Eosin



Vala Sciences offers indirect immunolabeling, including both immunoperoxidase and alkaline phosphatase in FFPE or frozen sections. The service provided by our expert staff spans the entire process which includes: experimental design, selection of relevant positive and negative controls, and sourcing and titration of antibodies that offer the most effective antigen retrieval.


HER2/neu in DAB



Vala Sciences offers direct or indirect Fluorescence Immunolabeling on FFPE or frozen sections in single and multiplexed formats. This service, performed by our labeling experts, covers the entire process, including experimental design, selection of relevant positive and negative controls, and sourcing and titration of antibodies with appropriate antigen retrieval.

Our staff also specialize in combining Fluorescence and Brightfield Immunolabeling.





DAPI + CK + ER + PR + HER2/neu

Hematoxylin and Eosin


Digital Histopathology: imaging and analysis

We provide representative images or whole slide scanning in Fluorescence and/or Brightfield using Vala’s proprietary slide scanner. Our scanner is unique in capturing IF and BF images of the same field of view with the same highly sensitive and large field of view scientific CMOS camera. Hence, the resultant IF and BF images are perfectly registered after acquisition.

Biomarkers/Proteins quantification in tissues is made available by Vala’s cytometry analysis software Cyteseer®.  Data can be delivered as images, histograms of biomarkers signal, percentages of cells positive for a biomarker of interest, or any other custom metric that would serve the specific purposes of a given project.

Nuclear Segmentation

Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Segmentations

Segmented Nuclei and Cytoplasm Showing One Biomarker

Segmented Nuclei and Cytoplasm Showing Multiple Biomarkers


Tissue Micro Array (TMA)

Tissue microarray (TMA) technology provides the means for high-throughput analysis of multiple tissue and cell samples. Baseline staining of TMA cores can be variable since they may come from many sources using different fixation and processing protocols. Our laboratory team has great experience in optimizing antibody staining protocols to produce uniform staining across the TMA. Both IHC and/or IF can be performed. Our analysis platform detects and annotates individual TMA cores and exports the relevant underlying images for biomarker analysis.

TMA cores detected and annotated