Lipid Metabolism

Vala Sciences offers a variety of validated High Content Screening (HCS) assays related to lipid biology including adipogenesis, steatosis and lipid metabolism.



Cells: Human Pre-adipocytes

Vala Sciences has developed high throughput screens that determine the ability of compounds to upregulate or inhibit adipogenesis. A multiparameter assessment of lipid differentiation, our assays quanitfiy lipid accumulation and  measure both adipocyte-differentiation related protein (ADFP) and perilipin expression, key proteins in adipocyte differentiation and acccumulation. These assays also image for perilipin and ADFP colocalization and lipid droplet accumulation.


Cells: Huh-7 (human hepatocytes), AML12 (mouse hepatocytes)

Our high throughput steatosis screens quantify the accumulation of lipid droplets in liver cells, the primary indicator of fatty liver disease. This assay assesses lipid droplet accumulation and adipocyte-differentiation related protein (ADFP) expression. It also provides details on colocalization of ADFP compared to lipid droplets.


Cells: Human pre-adipocytes

Vala Sciences' high throughput lipid metabolism screen is a multivariable assay designed to quantify phoshpo-Perilipin and phospho-Hormone Sensitive Lipase (HSL) expression, the key players in lipid breakdown. This assay runs both antagonist and agonist modes in parallel, allowing for an efficient and streamlined comparison between the activating or inhibiting lipolytic mechanisms of a compound library. In addition, our screen also provides details on the colocalization of phospho-perilipin and phospho-HSL in relation to adipose accumulation.